hair grooming kit - cordless hair clipper 110/220v with a free stainless steel comb w/ leather sheath ($27.95 value)-Daily Steals

hair grooming kit - cordless hair clipper 110/220v with a free stainless steel comb w/ leather sheath ($27.95 value)

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Brand: TravelMate

Model: Hair Grooming Kit

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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This Grooming Kit will make a great gift for any man, buy it for Valentines Day or for Fathers Day, get it for your Husbands Birthday, or your Boy Friends Graduation, the Perfect Gift for that Special man In Your Life




30 Day Warranty


  • PERFECT GIFT: The Perfect Grooming Gift Set, for the traveling business man, where you can now purchase our Top Selling trym like Hair Clipper combined with the Stainless Steel Medium Tooth Comb With Bonus Leather Sheath all in one at the same price
  • BEAUTIFUL: The TravelMate Beautiful Hair Clipper - is a Cordless Black Matte finish haircut kit, Electric Men's Hair Razor. You could choose the right tools to define your style, your hair, your beard, mustache and body hair -- Please Note! The part of the plug that goes to the charging dock must be plugged in with the split on the bottom
  • SMOOTH: The TravelMate Beautiful Hair Clipper Offers a Skin-friendly design with a smooth steel base and rounded cutting attachments for a comfortable clipping experience every time; extra-long-life rechargeable battery with included charger and docking station.
  • COMB BUILT TO LAST: Unbreakable! Build by high quality stainless steel material, survival in any condition last longer than any plastic and wood combs.
  • PERFECT SIZE: 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) long, with medium size teeth (tines). Works well with all hair types. The finger hole is a neat touch and adds extra functionality to hang up the comb after use, Includes a FREE BONUS 100% Leather leather Sheath



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One [1] TravelMate Hair Grooming Kit
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