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Marquee Innovations Motion Activated 16 Color Toilet Night Light

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Nothing is worse than being jarred awake from a blissful night's sleep when you take a late night bathroom trip and are blinded by the bathroom light. Studies show that sudden bright light exposure decreases melatonin production, making it tougher for you to fall back asleep (which we all know makes for a grumpier and less productive you). But what if a revolutionary new toilet-light could ensure you and loved ones could find the bathroom, even in total darkness, without ever having to flip on a light switch?;

Introducing Marquee Innovations motion activated 16 color toilet night light, with a UV sterilizer and fragrance dispenser. Not only does this toilet light make nighttime bathroom navigation easy without waking yourself or others, but its built-in replaceable air freshener keeps your bathroom smelling fresh 24-7. Equipped with an ultraviolet light to disinfect the toilet bowl and keep the germs away, this light is especially great for kids.

This light adopts infrared technology to accurately detect movements within 6.5 feet wide coverage, automatically turning on when you get close to it and then turning off if no motion is detected. Easy to install and splash-proof, you'll love this toilet night light. Who knew going to the bathroom at night could be so much fun?!

How To Instal:
Step 1: Put in 3 AAA batteries.
Step 2: Remove the front cover, put in the scented piece and then put on the lid.
Step 3: Lift the toilet lid, bend the arm of the toilet light in a vertical shape, and hang it on the rim of the toilet seat.

How to Clean:
Clean the dust and grime with a damp cloth or cleaning tissue.




30 Day Warranty


  • Human body motion sensor
  • 16 colors that are rotatable/fixable
  • Made of ABS shell and silicone arm, lightweight and portable
  • Durable & splash-proof material
  • Adjustable arm can be bent to install onto any toilet seat in seconds
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)



What you get:

One [1] Marquee Innovations Motion Activated 16 Color Toilet Night Light
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