MAXOUT 10-in-1 Compact Pocket Survival Tool - Fits in Wallet or Pocket-Daily Steals

MAXOUT 10-in-1 Compact Pocket Survival Tool - Fits in Wallet or Pocket

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Model: Portable Survival Credit Card Knife

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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BEST SURVIVAL WALLET TOOL KIT : MAXOUT multitool pocket knife is the best credit card knife on the market. Our pocket knife tool is a perfect credit card tool holder for the ultimate survival tool. Remove the blade while using the compass. Be ready for anything that comes your way.

LIGHTWEIGHT CREDIT CARD SIZE KNIFE AND TOOL : This wallet tool kit is an ultra-light tool to carry out in camping, hunting, rescue, outdoors and traveling. It is very compact to keep it in your car, purse, survival kit or in emergency supplies. Great credit card holder with essential tools for every day jobs.

COMPACT ALL IN ONE - 10 PACK CREDIT CARD TOOL KIT : It can act as a serrated knife, bottle opener, big slotted screwdriver, small slotted screwdriver, compass, magnifier, tweezers, toothpick, ruler, position wrench, etc. All the tools "lock" into place so they won't fall out and get lost.

SLIM & DURABLE CREDIT CARD COMPANIAN : Our survival knife made of high quality stainless steel blade material. One side of the blade is straight-edged; the other one is serrated right along the blade. Its durability will ensure you are always well equipped when you need it the most.

PERFECT SURVIVAL TOOL GIFT BOX : This survival wallet tool is a great gift for men, women, girl or boy. This multitool as good as military survival gear. Great size to fit in your wallet or pocket. When you will need you'll find it's amazingly useful.

Credit Card Knife Tool Benefits :

Lightweight, Compact, 10 In 1 Essential Multitool for Everyday Task
Made From High Quality & Durable Stainless Steel Blade
Perfect Wallet Tool Gift for Men & Women
Quality Credit Card Tool Kit That is Well Equipped
Multi Purpose Servival Tool For Hiking, Backpacking And Outdoor
Servival Pocket Knife With Serrated Edges
Credit Card Knife Conveniently Fit In Your Wallet, Pocket or Bag
Designed Less Bulky Than a Pocket Knife And As Sharp As a Scalpel




30 Day Warranty


  • COMPACT MULTITOOL DESIGN-- 10 useful tools assembled in 1 slim credit card holder, including bottle opener, fire flint, knife grinder, rope whistle, magnifying glass, compass, multitool knife ( hex key, blade saw, survival cutting knife, clip, toothpick, ruler.
  • PORTABLE SIZE-- noble lightweight credit card size fit in wallet or pocket, slim size: 0.18 x 2.12 x 3.38 in, ultra-weight: 1.4 ounces with rope easy to carry.
  • MULTIFUNCTION RESCUE CARD-- best assistant for emergency condition, hunting, camping, outdoor traveling. Be ready for anything that comes your way.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL-- our survival knife made of premium high quality stainless steel blade, material for extra strength, suit for outdoors long-lasting usage.
  • PERFECT ULTIMATE SURVIVAL TOOL-- can be used for cutting, carving, protection, slicing, making knots, tie things, keeping your orientation etc.



What you get:

One [1] MAXOUT 10-in-1 Compact Pocket Survival Tool
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