Yurbuds Ironman Focus Behind-the-Ear Headphones (Black)-Daily Steals

Yurbuds Ironman Focus Behind-the-Ear Headphones (Black)

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Brand: JBL

Model: Ironman Focus

Condition: Refurbished

Warranty: 90 Day Warranty

Packaging: Non-Retail (Bulk Packaging)

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NOTE: This product is Refurbished and comes in Non-Retail (Bulk Packaging) packaging. Warranty: 90 Day Warranty

Featuring TwistLock technology and a FlexSoft comfort fit, these JBL Yurbuds Ironman Focus Sport Headphones are guaranteed never to hurt or fall out. Their ergonomic design is sweat and water-resistant and allows ambient noise, allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings. Soft, moldable ear loops offer added comfort and support. Enjoy consistent, premium sound quality produced by 14.2mm drivers and let your music motivate you to push harder and faster.

Developed by an Ironman Triathlete and a 24-time marathoner, Yurbuds solve the problems athletes face wearing earphones. TwistLock technology means a secure fit that won’t fall out even under the most intense workouts. They’re ergonomically designed to avoid nerve-rich areas of the ear, so they never hurt and are more comfortable to wear. Made of medical-grade silicone, they’re ultra-soft and can be worn for hours.




90 Day Warranty


  • Soften the edges and they direct the sound deeply into your ears for better bass response, These babies aren't coming out!" - David Pogue
  • Patented Twist Lock technology guarantees a secure fit
  • Ultra-soft earphones designed to match the contours of the ear
  • Premium sound quality with neodymium drivers and gold-plated connector
  • Developed by athletes for athletes
  • Sweatproof and water resistant


Non-Retail (Bulk Packaging)

What you get:

One [1] JBL Yurbuds Ironman Focus Sport Headphones with TwistLock & Flexsoft
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