Fresh Water Bidet Attachment with Self-Cleaning Retractable Water Jet-Daily Steals

Fresh Water Bidet Attachment with Self-Cleaning Retractable Water Jet

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Brand: Liger

Model: Fresh Water Bidet Attachment with Self-Cleaning Retractable Water Jet

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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Connecting to the fresh water supply, this bidet requires no specialized skills or equipment to install; providing you with a spray of water for improved personal hygiene. Clean, fresh water is more comfortable and thorough than toilet paper and better for the environment!

A rotary control dial provides the option of three pressure settings to suit the preference of individual users. Activating the bidet with the dial also extends the spray nozzle to its full length. When not in use, the bidet's spray nozzle retracts into the housing to aid in maintaining a sanitary environment.

This bidet is easy to install, requiring only ten to twenty minutes and a screwdriver. For simplicity, the bidet utilizes water pressure alone to function, meaning there are no electrical connections to worry about. The mounting bars are fully adjustable to the width of your toilet and all necessary hoses and adapters are included for your convenience.

Designed to be more compact and increase compatibility with 1 & 2-piece toilets. This bidet has a smaller, thinner control panel which compliments modern toilets. It's fixing brackets have been widened to allow greater compatibility and more precise installation with a wider range of toilets.




30 Day Warranty


  • HYGEINIC WATER JET - Provides comfortable cleaning for all of your family. Retracts after use, to stay safe & clean
  • FRESH WATER BIDET - Standardized connections attach directly to your existing water supply and non-electric design uses your existing water pressure
  • HIGH-QUALITY PARTS - Comes with built-in backflow prevention valve, CSA certified braided steel hose and brass & ceramic core valve for function & pressure selection
  • EASY TO INSTALL & USE - Installs in minutes in-between the seat & bowl of 2-piece and some 1-piece toilets. Simply operated by a single easy grasp & turn dial
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Hassle free self-cleaning ensures yours bidet stays clean, hygienic & sanitary for your family & friends



What you get:

  • One [1] MB100 Slimline Bidet - w/ Brass & Ceramic Core Valves, Backflow Prevention Valve and Retractable Anti-Bacterial Water Jet
  • One [1] CSA Certified Braided Stainless Steel Hose
  • One [1] T-Connector Which Connects Between Your Existing Water Tank & Water Supply Hose
  • One [1] Plumbers Tape
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