DailySteals Junk Box - December Edition-Daily Steals

DailySteals Junk Box - October Edition

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NOTE: This product is New and comes in Non-Retail (Bulk Packaging) packaging.

Give yourself the gift of surprise. Everyone loves receiving a box of mysteries in the mail. This is your chance to play Santa to yourself. Purchase a box of mystery junk and get an awesome surprise. This collection of random gizmos and gadgets is all yours for the taking.

We have a limited amount of junk left. After a successful year of selling our favorite products, these stragglers have been left behind in our warehouse. Maybe they’re amazing products and just what you’ve been looking for, maybe not. That’s the fun part. If you receive items you don’t like, we won’t take them back but we’ll bet there’s someone in your life who could make use of them. If all else fails, add this junk box to your next garage sale and make a couple of bucks. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

Please note: Purchasing multiple junk boxes does not guarantee receipt of different items. Orders may arrive in a single box or separately (also a surprise!). Duplicates are likely. This product is new and comes in Non-Retail (Bulk Packaging) packaging.




All Sales Final


  • One Junk Box is full of JUNK!
  • We don't want it.
  • No live animals or gum wrappers, just JUNK
  • No food or food-like substances
  • Nothing with mold or mildew
  • You will receive a random assortment of items
  • If you purchase multiple junk boxes, you may receive multiples of the same products - or not! It's always a surprise


Non-Retail (Bulk Packaging)

What you get:

One [1] DailySteals Junk Box - October Edition
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