Daily Steals-BzzzKill Battery-Operated 2500-Volt Indoor/Outdoor Electric Mosquito Racket-Outdoors and Tactical-

BzzzKill Battery-Operated 2500-Volt Indoor/Outdoor Electric Mosquito Racket

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Brand: BzzzKill

Model: Electric Mosquito Racket

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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Bye bye bugs! The BzzzKill Battery Operated 2500 Volt Indoor/Outdoor Electric Mosquito Racket takes the old-school fly swatter to a whole level. The next time a mosquito or other annoying flying bug interrupts your outdoor picnic, BBQ, or evening at the fire pit, just swat them with this racket, and 2500 volts will end the menace once and for all. Safe for indoor or outdoor use. Operates on AA batteries, and there’s a safety net that covers the racket, so you stay safe from accidental shocks. Kills bugs without toxic sprays, pesticides or other chemicals. As mosquitos become more dangerous, carrying Lyme and other diseases, having a quick and effective way to safely kill them off is an essential part of enjoying the outdoors.




30 Day Warranty


  • One swat, one hit, one kill
  • A safety net protects you and your loved ones from accidental shocks, even when the racket is on
  • Pesticide-free insect control



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One [1] BzzzKill Battery-Operated 2500-Volt Indoor/Outdoor Electric Mosquito Racket
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