[6-Pairs] Unisex Striped Compression Socks - Assorted Colors-S/M-Daily Steals

[6-Pairs] Unisex Striped Compression Socks - Assorted Colors

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Brand: XTF

Model: Striped Compression Socks

Condition: New

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Packaging: Retail

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If you suffer from sore and achy feet, we've might just have the solution to help soothe and re-energize them. The sole purpose of these compression socks is to revive your tired feet and legs using advanced compression technology. As well as aiming to reduce swelling and increase blood circulation, they carry anti-microbial properties that are designed to naturally banish nasty smells and fungus. So go on, pull your?˜socks?˜up and grab your pairs.




30 Day Warranty


  • Help revive achy feet with a pair of pain-relieving compression socks.
  • Compression technology aims to reduce swelling and enhances blood circulation.
  • Anti-microbial properties designed to eliminate bad odours and fungal infections.
  • Breathable material reduces moisture to help to keep feet cool and comfortable.
  • Perfect for those on their feet all day!
  • S-M: fits women's shoe sizes 6''-9.5 and men's shoe sizes 5''-9.5 L-XL: fits women's shoe sizes 10''-13.5 and men's shoe sizes 10''-12.5



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Six [6-Pairs] Unisex Striped Compression Socks - Assorted Colors
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