[2 Piece Set] MagicCover Transparent Silicone Storage Lids - Fits any Container-Daily Steals

[2 Piece Set] MagicCover Transparent Silicone Storage Lids - Fits any Container

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Brand: MagicCover

Model: Transparent Silicone Storage Lids

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Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

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Introducing the innovative Genius multipurpose cover – a must for every kitchen! The revolutionary silicone cover is so useful and will go from the refrigerator/freezer to the stove/oven or microwave in seconds!

The smooth soft silicone covers fit tightly over every bowl or pot – whether it’s glass, china, stainless steel, plastic or ceramic. Now you can serve at your table and seal in the freshness without transferring leftovers into other containers.

Weather green salad, fresh vegetables, fruit salad, noodles or potato salad – the Genius cover seals your bowl safely and quickly. By locking in the freshness, your food creations stay fresh longer and are great for transporting food to your next get together. During the preparation of food, the Genius multipurpose covers are a valuable and time saving helper– salad dressings can be evenly mixed by simply covering and shaking – and all this happens inside the bowl, because the vacuum seal keeps the covers tightly closed.

If you are marinating foods, the Genius multipurpose cover is indispensable! Your meat, fish, poultry and vegetables stay fresh and flavorful while sealing in the taste.

Also highly aromatic foods such as fish or garlic dishes can be stored with no strong odors in your kitchen or refrigerator during storage.

Once closed and sealed with the Genius cover, you could stack your bowls one on top of another without a worry in the refrigerator or during transport.

The Genius covers are made of heat-resistant silicone which will hold up to 450°F (230°C) so they can be used as a splatter protector or placed on top of pots and pans, or as a cover/lid in the oven/microwave. Simply lay the lid on top of the bowl/pot with the smooth side up, so that no unwanted vacuum can form.

With the see-through transparency of your Genius cover, you can see the contents at any time without having to lift off the cover.
Tip: with the smooth side facing downwards, you can use the covers as a non-slip base or trivet on your table for hot pots, pans or serving dishes right out of the oven.

Store the covers stacked together as they take up very little space in your cabinet or drawers!

Operating instructions:

1. Simply lay the lid, with the smooth side facing down and the middle button centered on top of the desired bowl/pan. The stainless steel ring should have a minimum surplus of 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) from the outside edge of the container. Make sure that the Genius cover and the rim of the container is clean, grease free and dry.

2. Press down on the pressure point in the middle of the Genius Cover. The best results are achieved when you slightly lift the side of the cover when pressing on the middle, so that the air can get out easily and form a security vacuum seal on the container.

3. And that’s it ! The receptacle you just closed is now air tight and can be stacked or stored in the refrigerator!

To remove the lid: simply lift the cover upwards (to let the air back in) at the rim.




30 Day Warranty


  • 2 piece set includes 9.5 inch and 11 1/8 inch covers
  • Just place it on the container you want to seal and press down on the center of lidMade from high-quality silicone and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Can be used in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer
  • It's sturdy, as well; you can stack bowls sealed with the MagicCover without any worry
  • The MagicCover also can double as a trivet or splatter guard



What you get:

Two [2 Piece Set] MagicCover Transparent Silicone Storage Lids
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